Conference Overview

India that is Bharatam is the land of Rishis. They are sages, mystics, yogis, philosophers, educators, scientists all these and much more. Her culture is at once spiritual and scientific. We Indians in particular and Orientals in general, believe that we have rich traditions, refined customs, and rational habits. But the rest of the world believes that we are superstitious, gullible, impoverished, sadistic, ignorant barbarians. We have only one way to be educated according to the Macaulay System, in to civilized population in the third millennium.

India is not only the birth place of major religions like Buddha Dhamma, Jaina Dharma but also the only saviour and guardian angel for millions of human beings who have taken to persecuted faiths like Judaism, Christianity, Zoroastrianism, and various factions of Islamic faith namely Ahamadiya, Bahai, and Agakhani to live and practice their religion and prosper in harmony and peace. Today, in the name of modernism and to cater to globalization our tolerance, customs, faith, values and finally our integrity as sovereign nation are questioned by the vested interest groups.

Most of the explanations provided by many scholars, researchers, social scientists, behavioural scientists, and nationalists created more questions than answers, more laughter than thought, more a feeling of suspicion and fictitiousness than reason and logic.

In many cases, the related research is either not concertedly pursued or is disengaged from midstream due to lack of encouragement, guidance, funding, and direction. It is partly also due to the discouragement from uninterested individuals. Most often, the researchers pursue similar areas without being aware of what others have already done. Often, however, when genuine research concluded, the findings went unnoticed due to language barriers, and academic bias.

There seems to be disconnect between Vedic Scholars and the modern scientific community. This conference is an attempt to bring the Vedic scholars, scientists and research scholars together to protect the sovereignty and great cultural and scientific heritage of our country. Besides, it is necessary to realize the practical value of the Vedic concept Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam in the modern context.

Our Vedic heritage is to be brought to the dynamic vibrant Youth of Bharat. The effort is to present the Vedic heritage in the language of most modern cutting edge scientific disciplines.

This Vedic Conference was an attempt to bring about the vedic scholars, scientists and researchers and the general public, especially the youth under one roof and create a discussion on various aspects on the relevance of Vedic research in present day and come to some conclusion and see how it can be implemented in the society, and it helped a lot to clarify them the need for vedic sciences in the modern world in the terms of many upcoming scientific innovations and also in protecting the man_kind.

It became a platform for Vedic scholars, scientists and researchers to discuss on various subjects in Vedas.

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