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An Innovative Research Platform for Universities, Educational Institutions and NGOs

To awake, to arise, to rediscover the scientific heritage of our great nation India that is Bharatam is at once a vision, a mission and a challenging nation building country wide mega project in which every educated enlightened citizen of India ought to participate. The global attention is already drawn to Sanskrit and indigenous resources and above all to the Vedas which are the intangible heritage of humankind perpetuated by the oral living Vedic traditions since thousands of years. Many are the Universities across the globe which have departments differently titled but with the common goal of exploring the contents of the Vedas and Indian resources.

Needless to mention that they are outsider bodies invading into an innate, living knowledge system which demands a culture specific discipline, procedures and processes like SHODASHA SAMSKARA.

We being the natural inhabitants of the land of such an unparallel integral and integrated Culture in its pristine original form still living in spite of repeated attempts to deform and defame, have the fundamental duty to preserve, perpetuate and explore the contents of each and every aspect which make one a proud, enlightened and responsible citizen of Bharat.

The National Body which regulates the grants for higher education that is UGC has its logo and slogan related to the Vedic Thought of Living in Freedom and Enquiry, Vimukti – freedom from ajnaanam and avijnaanam through Jnaanam and Vijnaanam. JNAN-VIJNAN-VIMUKTAYE (It is unnoticed though this is a combination of Hindi and Sanskrit, and a compound coined without proper reference to Vyakaranam.)

To accomplish redemption from ignorance and non-science it calls for awareness and search towards greater knowledge and greater science which are available but unexplored and unused.

The traditional scholars and modern researchers are no more showing back to each other or consider mutually as opposite camps.

The Three Day Arshadhara National Conference on Vedic Sciences was organized as maiden attempt by the descendants of Rig-Veda Shaakha tradition family and like minded associates [Dharma Jagrthi Trust, Bangalore] who have kept in view open connectivity to any centre which has similar objectives mentioned above.

Follow up activity is essential to any seminar/conference and for this purpose the venue is kept open as an innovative research platform to Universities, Educational Institutions and NGOs to consider:

1) Ongoing projects, programs and courses related to Vedic Sciences

2) Opening Departments like Departments of Inter disciplinary Studies, Multi disciplinary Studies, Studies and Research through Non-Invasive Methods and Approaches, For Veda Related Long Term Research Projects, Cow Based Agriculture and Ethno-Zoological Research, Traditional Remedies for Diseases and Health Hazards, Ethno-Botanical Studies and Research in Folklore Wisdom

3) Facilitating registered research activities under MoU with Dharma Jagrthi Trust and similar institutions and /or utilizing services of their resource persons

4) Providing financial assistance to Dharma Jagrthi Trust and connected Institutions.

5) Mobilizing online institutional participation in the discussions by the Foundation for Indian Scientific Heritage Google Group

6) Promoting Magazines and Journals like which are related to Vedic Sciences in the departmental and general libraries

7) Recognizing and subsidising the forth coming Journal of Dharma Jagrthi Trust, Bangalore

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