Veda Brahma Late. Krishna Bhatta Ghanapaati

Veda Brahma Guruji’s Notable Credits :

Veda Brahma Guruji certified with top honours from,

  • Year 1999 as Veda Varidhi from Veda Dharma Paripalana Sabha, Bengaluru

  • Year 2000 as Veda Vidya Rathna from Yajnavalkyashrama, Bengaluru

  • Year 2003 as Veda Nidhi from Om Shanthidhama, Bengaluru

  • Year 2008 as Jyotisha Vidwaan from SCOPE, Bengaluru

  • Year 2008 as Vedavidya Bhooshana from V.D.P.Sabha, Bengaluru

Accomplishments :

1. In the year 1995 was appointed as Special Vedic Consultant for teaching & preaching Vedas from Arya Samaj, Mauritius.

2. Was invited as Chief Guest & was honoured by President of Mauritius

3. In the year 2004 participated in the Aptoryama Somayaga conducted at Trissur, Kerala

4. In the year 2005 conducted and participated in the Nakshatreshti ( a vedic yajna) at Maratha Hostel, Bengaluru with Om Shantidhama and was appointed as The Chief Coordinator

5. In the year 2007 conducted “Aptoryama Somayaga” with Om Shanthidhama & worked as Chief Convenor

6. Well experienced in performing all the 16 samskaras.

7. Well versed in chanting all the 8 vikrthis( krama, jatha, mala, danda, shikha, rekha, ratha and ghana)

8. Also has the knowledge of the other three vedas( Yajurveda, Samaveda & Atharvaveda) and the 6 vedangas -Shiksha(phoenetics) , vyakarana(grammar), chandas(meter),nirukta (etimology), jyotisha(astrology) and kalpa(sacrifices)

9. Has been participating in the camps conducted for the south-east Asians almost every year, to introduce them to the Vedic Heritage of India, since 2005.

10. Edited the Soma-Yaga CD (Trissur, Kerala) for Indira Gandhi National Center for Arts, Govt. of India.

11. Appointed as the Examiner for Rigveda by the Secondary Education Examination Board, Govt. of Karnataka, India.

Vedic Seminars

Guruji was highly active in case of participating Seminars on Veda at various places with the co-ordination of Organisations & Institutes. To name a few important ones,

  • 1st World Vedic Conference, Bengaluru
  • 2nd World Vedic Conference, Varanasi
  • Vedic Seminar, Allahabad
  • Vedic Seminar organized by Vignana Bharathi, Bengaluru
  • National Conference on Ayurveda, Hyderabad
  • Vedic Seminars arranged by Shroutha Yajna Samrakshana Samiti, Bengaluru
  • various vedic seminars arranged by the Samaveda parishad, Mysore.
  • various vedic seminars arranged by Veda Bhashya Prakashana Samiti, Bengaluru

Veda Brahma Guruji’s Books

Spreading Vedic knowledge and culture through various publications was a serious activity carried out by Guruji. In this respect, variety of books and CDs were published. These are in Kannada language.





Arshadhara- Vedic Conference



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