Yajna (Yagna) – A Divine Sacrifice


Yajna can be explained as a sacrifice in which a variety of materials are offered to gods to propitiate them in return for their blessings to accomplish universal welfare as well as individual welfare.

Shruthi is another well known term for The Vedas. Shruthi is the direct divine revelation to the Seers. As such its supremacy and authority in all respects remain unaltered. Shruthi consists of the rarest knowledge, action plans, and methodology to make this world retain its balanced state of existence. The Vedas comprise of a varitey of Vedic rituals having different standards and goals.

These rituals are classified as – Shroutha Karmas & Smartha Karmas. Rituals like Marriage, Upanayana, Grihapravesham, Ganapathi Homam etc., are Smartha Karmas. Agnihotra, Ishti, Somayaga etc are Shroutha Karmas. These Shroutha Karmas have to be performed with the help of scholars & mainly through Agnihotris.

Yajna- Shroutha Yajnas

There are basically 21 types of yajnas. Ekavimshathi Samsthoyajna – means Yagas are twentyone different kinds, they are classified as Pakayajnas, Haviryajnas & Somayajnas.

  • Seven paaka yajnas
  • Seven haviryajnas
  • Seven soma yajnas

Paaka Yajnas

Paaka yajnas are stated in Grhya sutras. So they are known as Grhya karmas. Havir yajnaas and soma yajnas are described in Brahmana texts. So they are known as Shroutha yajnas.

The seven paka yajnas:

  • Oupasana
  • Vaishwadeva
  • Paarvana
  • Ashtaka
  • Shravanaakarma
  • Aagrayana
  • Chaitree or Aashwayujee karma

Havir Yajnas

The seven haviryajnas:

  • Agnihotra
  • Darshapurnamaaseshti
  • Aagrayana
  • Chaturmaasya
  • Niruda pashubandha
  • Soutraamani
  • Pinda pitr yajna

Soma Yajnas

The seven soma yajnas:

  • Agnishtoma
  • Athyagnishtoma
  • Ukthya
  • Shodashee
  • Vajapeya
  • Atiratra
  • Aptoryama

Along with these, yajnas like Rajasuya, ashwamedha, etc., chayanas like garudachayana, etc., ayanas like gavamayana are also stated.

There are so many ishtis like nakshatreshti, putrakameshti, parjanyeshti( for the want of rain) etc are also mentioned.

Yajna includes so many ishtis and yagas. For ex: In soma yaga, Deekshaneeya ishti, Praayaneeya ishti and aatithya ishti etc and vayavya pashuyaga, agneeshomeeya yaga, etc are to be conducted.

Yajna – Apthoryama Somayaga

Apthoryama is the seventh of the seven Somayajnas. The Juice of the Somacreeper is the main sacrificial offering in these Somayagas.

We have great pleasure to let you all know that, by the grace of God, Blessings of Mahatmas and goodwill of many people, we had successfully conducted Apthoryama Somayaga at Poornaprajna Vidyapeetha, Bangalore in April 2007.

The fact that Agnihotris are less in number leading to disappearence of Shroutha Yagas. It is our duty to revive & restore this great Shroutha Tradition.



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