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Veda Samskrthi is an organization setup to fulfill this desire of Preservation and Propagation of Vedic Culture. Our Website is dedicated to ancient Indian Vedas & Vedangas.

Vedas are the fore more scriptures of the world. This is a widely accepted phenomenon. According to ancient Indian tradition, word “Veda” is derived from the root – Vid meaning -> Gnana, Karma, Vichara & Laabha. It is the duty of all of us to preserve and propagate the insights of Vedas. This is an attempt to create a platform to facilitate this meaningful duty.


Veda Samskrthi – Yajna – A Divine Sacrifice

Veda Samskrthi - Yajna

Yajna can be explained as a sacrifice in which a variety of materials are offered to gods to propitiate them in return for their blessings to accomplish universal welfare as well as individual welfare.

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Veda Brahma Late. B.V. Krishna Bhatta Ghanapaati Guruji

Krishna Bhatta Ghanapaati
वेद निधि, वेद विद्या रत्न, वेद प्रिय, वेद विद्या भूषण, वेद वारिधि, वेद ब्रह्म कीर्तिशेष. बं. वें. कृष्ण भट्ट घनपाटी

The ideation of Veda Samskrthi was started in 2006 by Kirthishesha Vidwan Krishna Bhatta Ghanapaati Guruji who was a Salakshana Ghanaantha Vidwaan, Shrowtha – Smaartha Vidwaan of Devine Rig-Veda.

He was born in a traditional south indian brahmin family. Srimati Jayalakshmi and Vidwan Veda brahma Venkataramana Bhatta Ghanapaati were his parents. His native place is Bandimata near Neelaavara in Udupi district of Karnataka. He studied vedas initially with his father and later as a disciple of Sri Vidwan Krishnamurthy Bhatta Ghanapaati at Sanskrit College in Mysore.

He carried on vedic studies along with Engineering Education. Meanwhile, he has aquired degrees in Rigveda Smartha Vidwat, Shroutha Vidwat, Postgraduation in Sanskrit and continued research on SamaVeda & AtharvanaVeda

He has worked with Om Shanthidhama Vaidika Gurukula in Karnataka, Mahesh-Yogi Vidyapeeta, Kanpur Gurukula in Haryana. He had been associated with Haridwar University for sometime. His research works carried out include – Vedic Swara-Artha Sambanda, Vedic Grammer, Niruktha, Jyothishya, Chandashastras. He was actively involved in conducting and participating in various national & international vedic seminars, vedic workshops and yaga-yajnas across various places.

He was the driving force behind “Arshadhara” Vedic Conference for Veda-enthusiasts which was successfully conducted continuesly from 2012 to 2014. Dharma Jagrthi Trust® was founded by him in 2012. Dharma Jagrthi Trust® is a service oriented organization working for the perpetuation of Vedic traditions.

Due to health problems Guruji passed away in November 2016. He left behind his wife, three sons and hundreds of students & disciples.

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